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Argyle's Sock Drawer

Oct 17 '12

30 Days of Shipping:

Day 30: Your favorite pairing forever and ever and ever!


There just aren’t enough words for how much I love this ship.  I liked it a lot in the first game.  I really did.  The war weary soldier finding peace, comfort and love in the arms of the innocent, hopeful young scientist who still views the galaxy as a place of beauty and wonder.  A simple moment of healing and refuge after all the pain a hard life, and harder missing has heaped on her, and a chance to walk into the final battle with something to live for.

It was the arc of the romance in the second game that truly hooked me though.  Finding out that Liara simply couldn’t let go of the woman she loved.  That she fought her way through hell and back for just a chance, however small, of saving Shepard’s life.  Her willingness to sacrifice everything, her life, her fortune, her honor, and even the love of the very woman she’s trying to save in order to do so.  Then to see the pain in her eyes, and hear it in her voice as she tries to set right the mistakes she made, and the hope in her voice when Shepard tells her she still wants to be together.  The shy, joking, yet hopeful way Shepard proposes.

The third game just about killed me though.  The reunion on Mars, and each conversation on the ship and on the Citadel.  The moment when Liara and Shepard are laying together in bed, and she talks about how easy it would be for a ship to get lost out there.  You can here so much longing in her voice, how she wants to take Shepard away from the horror of the war, to give her the peace Shepard so clearly wants.

I can’t help it.  The Shepard/Liara romance makes me weepy every time.  Liara is the one Shepard turns to with her fears and doubts, the one who comforts her, reassures her, and gives her back her faith in herself.  During the course of the games, Liara goes from the Damsel in distress to a true equal, a partner for Shepard, and their final moment together before the last push, when Liara acknowledges the fact that she considers Shepard her Bondmate, and shares her memories with her in one of the most romantic and heartbreaking moments I’ve ever seen.

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